About us

Since 2008 we organize unforgettable moments for our brides and grooms.

Always up to date with the trends of wedding market, Casa Fina Cerimonial has an experienced, dedicated and caring staff.

Ahead of the company is Marina Galvani, a former flight attendant, passionate about weddings who has decided to put aviation aside to dedicate herself intensely to her dream.


One of her main characteristics is the excellence of the level of service.

Marina believes that the love for the dreams of our clients must be expressed by everyone who is involved with the organization, so that family and guests may feel welcome, honored and fulfilled along with the couple.

It has been quite a few years, there have been many couples, with different profiles and to each one, it is with much dedication and love that Marina performs her work.

Each choice, each detail, each guidance given is with the best in mind for each couple.


We believe that feelings, dreams and desires must be shared during every assistance, so that the special day may be wonderful.

We are very proud of the many relationships we have built throughout these years and the dreams we helped come true.

Now, we hope to be part of your dream!